Powell Tract (Cahokia)


This site is located 1.6 km north of Fairmont City in Madison County, Illinois. A six-period sequence of occupation has been established (Coleman 1974). The refuse pit (Feature 331) in which maize kernels were found, contained other organic materials such as hickory nut shells, squash seeds, as well as large amounts of potsherds from Period III--"the period of densest urban occupation on the Powell tract" (Coleman 1974:115).

ID Otro ID Tipo Subtipo Promedio de la Fecha de Radiocarbono Desviación Estándar (años) Fecha Calibrada Media Fecha Calibrada Menor Fecha Calibrada Superior δ13C Contaminada?
ISGS-141 MacroSample grano 780 150 740 1046 514 -10.0 No

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