Otstungo (NYSM-1156)


Otstungo is a Late Woodland site located on a sheer bluff overlooking Otstungo Creek in the town of Minden, 6 km south of the Mohawk River. It was first occupied about A.D. 1450 and abandoned by 1525 (Snow 1995:115). Six AMS radiocarbon dates were obtained from maize samples associated with midden deposits inside the longhouse excavated by Dean Snow and his team in the mid-1980s (Snow 1995:138, Table 3.21).

ID Otro ID Tipo Subtipo Promedio de la Fecha de Radiocarbono Desviación Estándar (años) Fecha Calibrada Media Fecha Calibrada Menor Fecha Calibrada Superior δ13C Contaminada?
AA-7402 MacroSample desconocido 410 50 460 530 316 No
AA-7398 MacroSample desconocido 380 55 426 511 312 No
AA-7400 MacroSample desconocido 415 50 465 534 316 No
AA-7399 MacroSample desconocido 345 55 398 501 305 No
AA-7401 MacroSample desconocido 365 50 412 504 311 No
AA-6423 MacroSample desconocido 400 55 444 523 315 No

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